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Sparrow Marketing's social media management services focus on maintaining your company’s presence on digital platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, driving engagement with your target audience, and elevating your brand with a unique strategy that balances consistency with creativity.


Whether you’re new to social media and looking for help on where to start, or are just looking to expand and grow your social media efforts, our social media services can help. We will develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy for your brand, with an emphasis on original content creation and data-driven decision making.




It starts with a kick-off call. Like businesses, our kick-off calls come in all shapes and sizes. It is imperative to understand your goals to effectively develop a strong social media plan. During our meeting, we’ll learn about you, your business, your businesses online personality and talk about the goals with your social media campaign. 

What to Expect

  • Learn: We will ask a lot of questions and dig into exactly what makes your business stand out from competitors.

  • Gather: Then, we’ll access the relevant social media pages, gather any needed logins, and ensure we are set up to start ramping up your social media presence right away.

  • Forecast: Finally, we will discuss your launch timeline. Typically clients will need new content to go along with the new social media launch. If you need a photographer or videographer we will get you scheduled for your first content shoot so we can officially get to work. If you are working with an outside photographer you will need to let us know when that is scheduled so we can properly forecast the launch.



From your competitive social media audit to researching industry trends, these first steps make sure that we craft a plan that will resonate with your audience online.

Next, we will work on defining the tone of your social media presence that matches your brands identity.

What to Expect

  • Meet: After the strategy is developed, you’ll receive 30 days worth of content for approval to make sure that the direction that we are heading is one that you agree with before we launch.

  • Action: After you approve our strategy, we prepare to launch!



Social media is a balance of constant adaptation and consistent messaging. With access to regular, detailed reporting, you’ll never have to guess what’s happening with your social media efforts or how we’re adjusting to keep your business competitive and showing up at the forefront of your market. Whether it’s making the staff in your office shine online, following a new trend, or engaging with your online community, our experts understand your industry. 

What to Expect​

  • Understanding the Numbers: Sparrow Marketing will analyze that data and deliver an in-depth review that details the how your online presence is growing each month.

  • Action That’s Adaptable: Driven by data, we take action on what’s working, identifying areas of opportunity, and adapting as social media platforms continue to change so your social media is always up to date with society and your industry.

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