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Sparrow Marketing will help your organization clarify, define what truly is your brand- brand values, brand positioning, key messages, and target audience. 

Once we have defined with you what you want your brand to convey to your audience, we will develop a plan to make that happen. If you are in need of re-branding or are a new company needing logo design, Sparrow Marketing can take care of that for you as part of the Brand Management Services.




Like most of our initial strategy sessions, the first step is getting to know you and what your goals are for your brand. Here is where Sparrow Marketing will learn what you like about what your brand is currently saying to the public, opportunities you see for improvement and any ideas you might like to share. This is also an important step to share your short and long term goals for growth. Ideally, what would you like your reach to look like in 6 months? A year? 5 years? 



We’ll conduct a 360° exploration of your brand values, brand purpose, current state, and future potential to identify the critical drivers of success. We’ll understand your product and market realities, competitive landscape, cultural trends and consumer needs.

Audience Development. Who is your brand for? Who is it not for? We will help you narrow down who exactly is your target audience. We’ll map when, where and how your customers interact with your brand – and areas of critical impact to guide future brand strategy and creative development.

Brand Positioning. Sparrow Marketing will help you create a powerful mission statement. We’ll brainstorm together and help you figure out what you stand for, how your brand is differentiated, why your customers should care, and how to reach your long term goals.



Brand Naming. You can’t be a successful brand without a great name! We will work with you to produce a strategically sound, culturally relevant, creatively powerful, and attention grabbing brand name.

Brand Voice and Messaging. Bring your brand life with unique and authentic language tailored by audience and channel. Whether social media messaging, digital or print ads, we’ll create a best-in-class marketing strategy to make sure your tone of voice is always consistent and on brand.

Brand Identity. Your brand identity is so much more than a logo. We’ll deliver visual brand language elements across digital and physical experiences to ensure your color palette, fonts, typography and brand colors are consistent and will resonate with both your existing customer base and new customers. A strong visual identity will be crucial for content marketing, brand experience.

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